Terrific News for Teddy

28th Jun 2024

We are delighted to share an update from our sweet boy, Teddy, following the incredible funds you helped us to raise earlier this year for his life-changing surgery.

Teddy was taken to our vets in April to start his journey to a pain-free life, where they began the operation to realign his limbs and fix his dislocating kneecaps.


Teddy   Teddy   Teddy


He was such a brave boy, but due to his bones being so tiny, and the surgery being such an intricate process, the vet decided that it would only be possible to operate on one leg at a time, to prevent the risk of him being under anaesthesia for too long.

Once he'd had time to recover and was strong enough, Teddy was able to undergo the second stage of his surgery in May.

We spent lots of time being by his side and making him as comfortable as possible afterwards, to ensure he had the best possible chance of living the happy future he desperately deserves.


Teddy   Teddy


Despite his recovery taking longer than planned, we are so proud of this lovely lad who is such a sociable character that adores being around his carers.

Before his surgery, he even took part in our Sponsored Walkies event, where he got to enjoy the route in the comfort of his own little carrier.


Teddy   Teddy   Teddy


We are very pleased to say that Teddy has recovered from his operations very well, and has now gone to his loving forever home!




He has joined the most incredible family, who have also rehomed another gorgeous dog, Eli, and a cat, Tia, from us before.

You may even recognise little Tia from an appeal we launched to raise funds for animals in need like her, following her arrival into our care, after she had been born with a severe deformity to both front legs.


Teddy   Teddy   Teddy


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It brings us so much joy to see Teddy settling in well with Eli, Tia & his new 'paw-rents', and to know that he will be able to live a wonderful and pain-free life, thanks to our incredible supporters, like you. 

We even had the priviledge of seeing Teddy at our Novelty Dog Show in June, and watching him be awarded a prize for one of our classes!


Teddy   Teddy   Teddy


We are so grateful to everyone who helped us to fully fund his vital surgery, and continues to support & enable us to save rescue animals in need. 

We wish Teddy and his family a very happy future together, and we look forward to hearing about more of his adventures.




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