Teddy Dreams of a Pain-Free & Happy Future

3rd Apr 2024

Charming little Teddy is an adorable, 3-year-old Chihuahua, who arrived after his owner could no longer look after him.

The moment we met him, we noticed that sweet Teddy’s back legs seemed to be stiff. We took him to our vet who examined him and sadly found that he has severely dislocating kneecaps, which is also known as luxating patellas.




Whilst this is not an uncommon condition for small dogs, and some of the milder cases do not necessarily need surgery, dear Teddy is, sadly, much more seriously affected.

His kneecaps sit out of position most of the time, which affects the alignment of his hind legs and causes pain for this poor soul.

It’s impossible to imagine the discomfort that Teddy is living with. His only chance of being able to enjoy the life he deserves is to undergo surgery.

This vital procedure will realign his limbs, enabling his kneecaps to sit in the correct position. Without this operation, Teddy would suffer with ongoing pain.


Teddy   Teddy   Teddy


This complex surgery is going to cost £2,717, which is a huge and unanticipated expense for our charity’s already stretched resources.

By making a donation towards this veterinary procedure, you will be playing a direct role in giving this young lad the transformational gift he deserves.


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Teddy can be a little bit shy when he first meets new people, but after a bit of time and patience, his cheeky personality soon starts to shine, and he loves to play!

It brings us so much joy to see him do his little play bow and then plod back and forth between us and his bed.

We can just imagine how much more enjoyable this will be for him once he’s had this life-changing surgery.



Not only is Teddy a playful poppet, but he has such a fun personality, and he absolutely adores cuddles and attention from his favourite people.

Once Teddy has recovered, he will enjoy exploring the big, wide world on short walks with his new family. His improved mobility will also help him to lose that bit of extra weight he’s gained, which we’re sure will make him even more comfortable.

By donating today, you will make an unbelievably huge difference to this beautiful boy’s life, and help us to get him back on his paws.


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With your support, we will put the spring back in Teddy’s step and set him up for the best possible future.




Any donations we are fortunate enough to receive in excess of the amount needed for Teddy’s surgery will help with his recovery, and also help us to provide the best possible care to the many other rescue animals who need us.

Thank you for loving our rescue animals. We are very lucky to have you by our side.


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