Our Promise

We want to make a promise to you

Our promise goat   Our promise dog   Our promise bunny

We promise to make sure animal welfare is at the heart of every decision we make and we will always act in the animal’s best interest

We firmly believe that every animal deserves to live its life free from distress & pain and enjoy physical & psychological stimulation. Sadly, there are too many domestic pets being bred. This then leads to vast numbers of abandoned and unwanted animals being placed into care.

Whilst in our centres, all animals live in facilities which are designed to offer a living environment that is suitable for their needs and enables them to act out their natural behaviour. 

All the animals are able to enjoy exercise and are provided with lots of enrichment activities. The rescue dogs get to socialise in off-lead groups, which can really help with their chance to be rehomed as they get used to other dogs.

We have volunteers that come in & sit with the rescue cats and this is so vital to those that are a little more nervous, because it can help them to gain confidence.

Our farm animals benefit from acres of land where they are groomed, can play with their treat balls, cool off under a sprinkler and take in the sights & sounds. Our goats can often be found being walked by staff around the site!  

Our rescue rabbits, Guinea pigs & ferrets are provided with a vast amount of space so that they can live a normal & happy life. We give them a huge amount of enrichment to help relieve any stress they could experience. 

We are also fully committed to the neutering of animals.