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Pet Boarding

Board your pet with us and help save another.

Going on holiday and want to make sure your pet is well looked-after?  We offer boarding facilities for both cats and dogs in Devon and Dorset.

All our staff are qualified, experienced animal welfare workers, ensuring that your pet has a happy holiday too!

Please contact us to discuss your pet’s requirements or to find out more about the brilliant facilities we offer.

For cats, call our Church Knowle Centre on 01929 480474
For dogs, call our Lincoln Farm Centre on 01929 471340
For cats and dogs, call our Wingletang Centre 01822 810215

Price Guide:

Cats: £9 per night for 1 cat, or £16 for 2 cats sharing a pen.

Dogs: From £18* per night for 1 dog, please conatact Lincoln Farm for more details. *The price is double for Bank Holiday Sunday's. 

Cats: £9 per night for 1 cat, £16 for 2 cats sharing a pen. 

Dogs: £15 per night for 1 dog, £28 for 2 dogs sharing a kennel or £39 for 3 dogs sharing a kennel.

Please note: There is a minimum charge for single night stays, please call for further details.

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