Another Day, Another Stray

20th Dec 2022

When this poor poppet arrived last week, after having been found as a stray, we couldn’t quite believe the dreadful condition she was in. Severely underweight, and with matted fur pulling tightly on her delicate skin, we knew we needed to act quickly to improve her welfare.



Shimmer when she arrived at our Lincoln Farm centre


During her initial examination, we could see that she hadn’t been receiving nearly enough food to maintain a healthy weight. Her skin was covered with pressure sores, which means it is likely this young girl had been curling up to try to sleep wherever she could - almost certainly on hard surfaces.

The vet noticed clear signs of her experiencing pain in her lower back and hip, which they identified could be as a result of being in such poor body condition. It was literally hurting her to try to move around normally.



Shimmer in the safety of our care


We just knew that everything we did for this super-sweet girl was going to make life much better from now on. Hope was finally on the horizon for her. With her circumstances and her amazingly trusting nature, we were inspired to name her ‘Shimmer.’


A glimmer of hope, for Shimmer

In the last week, we have been feeding Shimmer a special diet that aids her digestion. Her meals have been small but very regular, so we don’t overwhelm her tender tummy. We have been giving her small amounts of exercise, to help build up her strength, and we have taken care of her terribly matted and smelly coat, which must be a great relief.


Shimmer   Shimmer   Shimmer


Shimmer may need x-rays so that we can ensure her body is recovering well. Once her weight is where it should be, she will also need to have a dental procedure to reverse the damage caused by such poor food welfare. The progress we have seen with just one week of the care and attention she deserves is incredible.



Selfie time!


We wish situations like Shimmer’s were rare, but we are taking in an increasing number of stray animals whose condition means they desperately need us to provide very special care. During her stay with us so far, the cost to us of rescuing and rehabilitating Shimmer is just under £1,000.

Like many of you, we are really feeling a strain on our resources. If you would like to join us on our journey of animal rescue, you will be directly helping us to provide Shimmer and her friends with the best possible level of care.


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A glimmer of hope, for Shimmer


Shimmer is one of those dogs who just adores being with you. She is also a complete dream around doggy friends. If you would like to find out more about rehoming this fantastic, young dog, please contact the rehoming centre directly.


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