Bring Our Strays To Safety

18th Nov 2022
Imagine being lost with no one to turn to, and no voice to ask for help

We have been rescuing stray animals for many years and we are seeing a huge increase in the numbers arriving at our centres. We often have no information about their past, which can make it incredibly difficult for us to understand what they may have been through.

By supporting our stray animals, you can help us to give them the care, treatment and rehabilitation they need. No animal deserves to feel neglected and we are here to ensure that they have a safe place to come to whilst they await their forever homes.

Your donation could help us to look after stray animals, like Shrimp, who arrived feeling lost and unloved, with nowhere else to go.



Shrimp resting in our care

Homeless and abandoned

Shrimp is a young Lurcher, who came into our care after roaming the streets for days. He was in very poor condition, underweight and had an injury on his leg that we could see was very serious. It was clear that Shrimp had been through a terrible time.

He was taken to the vet for the wound on his leg, which had become badly infected. Shrimp was put under general anaesthetic to allow for the wound to be cleaned and stitched up, and was given pain relief and antibiotics to help with his recovery.

Following many more visits to the vet, Shrimp’s wound was not healing as we had all hoped. Sadly, the vet explained that due to his serious injury having been left untreated for so long, it was unlikely that his leg would ever fully recover.


Shrimp   Shrimp


Our dedicated teams worked around the clock to ensure Shrimp had the time and attention he needed and deserved. Despite all the pain and distress he has experienced, he is still such a sweet and affectionate boy, who wants nothing but love.

We wish that this was a rare situation, but sadly we care for many stray animals, like Shrimp, and they often require medical treatment to improve their health.

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Smokey, Cosmo, Coco and Raven are just some of the kittens that have needed our help this year

They arrived at an extremely young age, after being found on an industrial estate with many other cats and kittens. They have required extensive time and care from our dedicated staff, as sadly some of them, like poor Smokey here, required treatment for Cat Flu and very sore eyes. 


Kittens   Kittens   Smokey


We are committed to providing the best possible care for all of our rescue animals and we are appealing to you to help us give them the opportunity to begin the next chapter of their lives.

Billy is another rescue dog that came into our care as an unclaimed stray

He had incredibly matted fur that was clearly causing him a great deal of discomfort. Poor Billy was in desperate need of a groom, which was a very anxious and stressful experience for him as some of the mats were so tight and difficult to remove.



Billy when he first came into our care

Billy (after)

Billy feeling fresh and happy


It took a while for us to gain Billy's trust but after lots of time, patience and care, his quirky personality soon started to shine and he was a very different boy to the lost dog who first entered our care.

Your donation will make a huge difference

You can help us to secure the safe future of thousands of rescue animals that come into our centres. With your support, we can bring our strays to safety and ensure they receive the love and care they deserve.


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You can donate by clicking here and using the reference ‘Strays’ in the comment box provided.