The Sweetest Girl

14th Mar 2024

Could you play a crucial part in helping to save the life of the next animal who needs our urgent help?

Amazing, trusting animals like Juliet, who arrived at our door, alone, and desperately in need of kindness and compassion.




Found without anyone to lean on for support, this elderly Greyhound had a mouth full of jagged and decaying teeth – one of which had deteriorated so badly, it had rotted through into her nasal cavity.

We cannot begin to imagine how distressing this must have been for dear Juliet to try to cope with, and we immediately set about helping to ease her painful burden.

In total, it was necessary to remove 26 crumbling teeth - demonstrating simply how dreadful the situation was for this poor, sweet girl.


Juliet   Juliet


Now safe, loved & firmly on the road to recovery, Juliet has left our care and headed off to enjoy life-long sofa snuggles, just as she should have been doing all along.

By setting up your sponsorship today, you will be directly helping the next four-legged friend, like Juliet, who needs a helping hand to take their paw and guide them towards happiness.

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Does your special someone always tell you not to worry about buying them a gift?

Well, we may have just the ‘pawfect’ compromise for you both… by giving the gift of animal rescue!

By sponsoring on behalf of your loved one, you can both feel proud in knowing that you are having an incredibly positive impact upon the lives of so many animals.

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