Our Smallest Friends Deserve Happiness Too

27th Mar 2024

We recognise that Easter and Spring are particularly popular times of year for considering adding small companion animals to the family. The weather's improving, and super-cute, baby animals seem to be everywhere we turn.

We wanted to take the opportunity to talk to our animal rescue teams to find out the kind of considerations that are vital to think about, before going ahead with the life-long commitment that animals need and deserve.


Small Animals


Check out our short Q&A with our experienced team, below!

How many hours do small animals need to have dedicated to them, as a minimum, to take care of all their needs?

We would advise spending at least 1 hour per day on general care, including cleaning your small friends' accommodation, feeding, grooming the little ones and ensuring they have plenty of enrichment and interaction.

What is the most common reason people offer when they choose to give up small animals for rehoming?

We find that one the most common reasons small animals enter our care, is sadly due to the loss of interest from children in the home.

We understand how adorable small furries are and why they may be considered suitable pets for a young family. However, we are passionate about raising awareness around the level of care small companions need, and how important it is to be able to provide life-long care for them.

Our team will always be on-hand to discuss any questions you may have about adding small animals to your family.

We also often take in small animals who have sadly lost their companion. As the majority of rabbits and guinea pigs need to be in pairs, losing their best friend can sometimes mean they are no longer able to stay in their current homes, and need to be matched up with another furry friend for company.

Please click here or speak to our teams for advice around bonding and finding your little one their new companion.

How can a new owner learn more about recognising when an animal may be uncomfortable in a situation?

We would recommend checking out videos and resources from the RSPCA on behaviour and handling, to discover how to do this safely and comfortably for your furry friends.

Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund also has lots of information on all areas surrounding rabbit welfare and ownership.

How important is it to an animal's happiness to offer enrichment and mental & physical stimulation?

It is very important to offer plenty of enrichment for your small companions, as this will help to replicate some of their natural behaviours and prevent boredom, which can then lead to negative behaviours.

Providing tunnels & digging boxes, treat balls and old cardboard boxes & newspapers for your animals to enjoy are great ways to keep your little friends 'hoppy' and healthy! 


Small Animals   Small Animals   Small Animals


It's very important to consider the likes and dislikes of any animal, and whether you will be able to make the commitment to deliver what they need to live their lives to the fullest, with that all-important companionship, for however long that may be.

It's our responsibility, as human guardians, to take the time and make efforts to check that an animal is having all their welfare needs met. After all, they depend upon us to make choices on their behalf that are in their best interests.

If you are considering buying, or - always our preference, of course - rehoming one or a pair of small companion animals, we would recommend conducting your own research beforehand, to ensure you are prepared for the arrival of your new friends.

If you would also like to speak to a friendly and experienced member of our animal care team about what you need to consider first, we would love to chat to you.

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