A New Start for Nifty

7th May 2024

Let us tell you about two of the sweetest boys you could ever meet, what we are doing to make sure they live their very best lives, and how you could be the friend they need.


Ted & Nifty


Ted & Nifty were brought to us by the RSPCA in February, after working with their owner to improve life for these boys. They had been living amongst many other horses, and their environment was far from ideal, as they rarely left their stable or had regular access to the outside for years.

They were an instant hit with Sarah from Four Seasons Transport who kindly transported them to us, and it was clear that these chaps were going to touch the hearts of the staff at Church Knowle.


Ted & Nifty


Upon arrival, these lovely lads were transferred into our isolation paddock, where we were able to keep a watchful eye as the pair found their freedom together.

It was an absolute joy for us to see them begin to explore the open space of their field, as they charged around together and were able to take in all the sights & sniffs around them.



During this time, the boys received full health checks, were vaccinated and had tests carried out to ensure they had a clean bill of health, in preparation for them being introduced to the rest of our herd.

Despite the limited life they had been living, it was easy for us to get to know Ted & Nifty, as they have the most amazing, sweet personalities.


Ted & Nifty   Ted & Nifty


Of the two, Ted has been a little more cautious and it took him a bit longer to get used to our company. However, from the very beginning, Nifty has been a confident and very cheeky chap who just loves a good snuggle.

Once feeling more settled with us, the next stage of their recovery was to receive a dental check. Ted was incredibly brave as he had some very sharp points to his teeth that needed to be filed down, which left him feeling quite sore.

He went off his food for a few days, which was to be expected, but he recovered well and will continue to have yearly dental checks, to ensure he remains happy and healthy.


Ted & Nifty   Ted & Nifty


Unfortunately, for Nifty, things were not so straightforward. Upon inspection, it was discovered that one of his large molar teeth had broken off, leaving only half a tooth and a large void, which has lots of food built up inside of it.

Fractured teeth can cause serious problems including infections, which can lead to sinusitis, weight loss and behavioural problems. It was evident that we need to get Nifty the help he requires urgently, to prevent this sweet soul from developing any further complications.


Nifty   Nifty's Tooth


With x-rays carried out, allowing for more scrutiny of Nifty’s issues, it’s clear to see that the tooth’s roots are also decaying, which means this half tooth may not be stable and could even break apart when it is extracted. As a result, poor Nifty will need to be referred to an equine hospital to ensure he gets the best treatment possible.

The remaining part of the tooth will also need to be removed and, due to the condition of the roots and tooth, Nifty will be transported to a specialist, who will attempt to remove the fractured tooth.


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Sadly, this poorly tooth has been causing Nifty some pain while he eats and, if the half tooth is left in place, he will most likely develop an infection that could travel into his gum.

After such a tough start in life, we are desperate to get this critical procedure underway for Nifty, so that he can continue to live the happy and pain-free life he’s always deserved.




The cost for Nifty’s surgery is estimated to be £2,500, which is a huge expense for our charity and will stretch our resources even more than they already are.

We would be so grateful for any donations towards Nifty’s procedure, which will make such a life-changing difference to his welfare, and help us to get his hooves on the road to recovery.


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With your support, we can give Nifty the happy ever after he deserves and get him on the path to finding a loving forever home, where he can continue to thrive and live his best life.



Any donations we are fortunate to receive in excess of Nifty’s surgery will go towards his and Ted’s care, and help us to continue giving them all the love, treatment and food they need.