More Ways to Help

Make a 'pawsitive' difference

Are you searching for different ways to help rescue animals in need? If so, then look no further!

We are delighted to share the following fundraising platforms with you...



It couldn't be easier!

Did you know that whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – you could be raising free donations for Margaret Green Animal Rescue with easyfundraising?

There are over 7,000 brands on board ready to make a donation – including eBay, Argos, John Lewis, ASOS, and M&S – and it won’t cost you a penny extra to help us raise funds.

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All you need to do is:


Click here to join for free


Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping. After you’ve checked out, the brand will make a donation to Margaret Green Animal Rescue, at no extra cost to you whatsoever!

There are no catches or hidden charges and we will be incredibly grateful for your donations, which will make a huge difference to many rescue animals in need.


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Donation Reminder

By signing up to easyfundraising, you will also have the opportunity to raise funds for us in one easy click with the FREE Donation Reminder! It finds donations from over 7,000 brands when you shop as normal on your laptop or computer.

Not only does the Donation Reminder help you to highlight where donations are available and act as a helpful reminder, but it also allows you to keep track of how much you've raised for your chosen charity.

To find out more about the Donation Reminder and how you can add this to your browser, iPhone or iPad, please click on the button below for further details.


Get the Donation Reminder


There's More!

The easyfundraising app is the easiest way to raise funds for us when you shop on your mobile. It’s completely free and available on iOS and Android, so don't forget to download the app to make sure you don’t miss out on any donations for us.

Simply click below to discover more information and to download the app on your device today.


Download the app


With your help, we can make a real impact and continue to give our rescue animals the second chance they truly deserve - thank you.

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Give as you Live

Shop online to help our rescue animals

Give as you Live is a great way to fundraise and support us, with no extra cost to you!

Simply sign up for FREE at Give as you Live, select Margaret Green Animal Rescue as your charity and then start shopping. It’s so easy to do and the more you shop, the more money you raise for our rescue animals.

With over 4,000 stores participating including supermarkets, fashion retailers and home stores, there’s something for everyone. We all know that online shopping is growing in popularity and it’s also creating an easy way to purchase items without going out, so Give as you Live really is a winner all round.

The money you raise through signing up will help us to care for many rescue animals a year by providing food, veterinary treatment, enrichment, toys and of course their favourite, treats!


Sign up here


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Leftover Currency

Do you have a drawer or jam jar filled with foreign coins or leftover travel money from previous holidays?

Would you consider donating that forgotten currency to help the rescue animals in our care?

Leftover Currency provides an easy way for you to donate your leftover holiday cash, by simply filling out a form and sending your currency to their Datchet office.

Not only will they exchange all currency, coins & notes (foreign and domestic) and donate the exchange value for you, but they will also donate an extra 5% to us!


Leftover Currency   Leftover Currency   Leftover Currency


There are no fees, neither does Leftover Currency subtract any commission. Once counted, you will receive a confirmation email containing the amount donated.

For further details on how to support us through Leftover Currency, please visit their website below for more information.


Get started



Sell, shop, support

With the increasing use of the internet and online shopping, millions of people use eBay® to sell, shop, and support their favourite causes. To date, £183 million has been raised through eBay® for Charity since 2006.

This really shows that everyone can make an impact by using eBay®. Online shoppers can give to eBay® charities at the checkout, choose symbolic gifts that give back to charity beneficiaries and buy items that benefit a charity through a percentage of profit donation.

Sellers can also earmark a percentage of their items’ selling price to benefit a chosen charity - and eBay® waives the same percentage in fees.


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To start supporting Margaret Green Animal Rescue, please select us as your favourite charity by clicking on the button below:


Support us on eBay®


Once you have opened the link, simply look for us in the search bar, click our bio and it will take you to our page. All you need to do is click the heart and we will be your chosen charity!

You are then ready to start supporting us through your eBay® sales or shopping and help us to look after our rescue animals each year.


If you have any questions about these fundraising platforms, please get in touch via