How It Works

We are delighted that are you on the journey to finding your new companion

Whether you are rehoming a dog or a horse, all rehoming requires a pre-booked appointment.

To see our rescue animals who are currently looking for their new homes, please visit their rehoming profiles here to find out more about them and the homes they are looking for.

If you see an animal that you are interested in rehoming

Please contact the relevant centre directly who will be delighted to discuss this with you. 

If we feel you may be the right match for each other

You will have the chance to make an appointment, where you will be:

  • Invited to visit the centre to meet your potential new pet. You might need to visit a few times to get to know the animal, but it is really worth the wait so please be patient. Staff at the centre will be on-hand to discuss any questions you may have.

  • Able to spend time with your potential new pet. If it is a dog you are looking to rehome, you can take the dog for a walk around our on-site exercise field and play with them in our rehabilitation room. If it is a cat, you will be able to sit with them in one of our cat pens so that you can get to know each other.

  • Given the opportunity to fill out a reservation form. Within the form, you will be asked for more information regarding your home situation, including your lifestyle, to ensure that you are well-matched with each other.  We will require a letter from your landlord, should you live in rented accommodation.


How It Works Image   How It Works Image   How It Works Image


Once you have found your perfect match

We may ask to meet the whole family and possibly arrange a home visit. This could include a home visit to check the garden as, in most cases, pets need access to an outdoor space.

After your visit

We normally advise you to take some time to reflect on the decision and prepare to rehome your new companion. In some circumstances, you may be able to rehome on the same day.

Once required steps are taken

You are officially ready to rehome! We will then go through the rehoming paperwork with you which includes: 4 weeks free insurance (for the majority of rescue animals), top tips on how to care for your new pet and official rehoming documents.

“Do I need to pay a rehoming fee?”

Yes, click here