End of the Trend?

5th Jun 2024

Fashions come and go. Sadly, for our rescue animals, these preferences don’t always just apply to our tastes in clothing and interior design.

The number of small, ‘designer’ dogs arriving at our rescue centres has increased hugely since pre-pandemic times. Based upon what we are seeing, numbers will continue to soar as we make our way through the coming months.

Once worth a fortune to those who chose to breed them, they now find themselves less desirable and much less valued.


End of the Trend


The call came in. Not one, or two… but five innocent, little lives on the line. Knowing their need for safety was critical, we immediately set about preparing for their arrival, with the food, warmth and open, loving arms that we knew they had been starved of.

Left to fend for themselves, in the cold and wet of an abandoned property’s garden, these tiny dogs were in an appalling state. What we were met with surprised even those of us who have worked in animal rescue for many years.


End of the Trend   End of the Trend   End of the Trend


Their needs neglected

With severely matted fur, they were soaked to the skin and covered in faecal matter, even around their little eyes. Their skin was incredibly sore, and we were left with no option but to sedate them to make their 4-hour clipping sessions as bearable as possible.


End of the Trend


This sweet little poppet, who we decided to name ‘Winnie,’ must have felt comfort like she’d never known before when she was snuggled up after her bath, in her clean and fresh towel.


Truly transformational

Whilst our team never gets used to the initial shock of seeing animals who arrive in such terrible condition, we are always relieved to know that they are now safely in our care, and that their lives are going to start improving from this moment.

These five beautiful dogs were in a situation that was as precarious as that of any animals we’ve seen, but, with you by our side, we are able to intervene and give them everything they need in order to start to live, not just exist.

End of the Trend



Rummy is another helpless, dinky poppet, whose long and fluffy, neglected coat actually contained sections of artificial Christmas tree, along with faeces and a flea infestation.

In addition to these challenges, sweet Rummy needed to have 12 rotten teeth extracted, and a uterine mass the size of a satsuma removed. Having been found as a stray, we will never know how Rummy’s living situation could have led her to these circumstances.


End of the Trend


Despite this distressing experience, she proved to be the kindest little lady, who was a pleasure to look after. Once we had taken care of her immediate needs, Rummy was ready for the next chapter, which we made sure would be a happy home for life.

End of the Trend

Your donation will transform their future

By donating today, you are playing a key part in the rescue and rehabilitation of the next group of unwanted animals to escape a life of cruelty and abandonment.

We promise to help the vulnerable souls who need us and, with your help, they will feel loved and wanted, and able to start living the happy lives they deserve.


For neglected animals like Winnie and her companions...


End of the Trend  End of the Trend  End of the Trend

End of the Trend