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Future Care Plan

"Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" Roger Caras

future care

What will I do about my own pets if anything happens to me?

You plan for your funeral, but what will happen to your pets should something happen to you?  What is the plan?

With Future Care your Love Lives on for your pets

It’s never easy to think about what happens when you pass away, but our Future Care service is there to give you peace of mind, and the comfort of knowing that your pets will be cared for following your wishes.

The heartache of saying goodbye can be very distressing, but knowing that your pet will be cared for and found the best possible loving home can do much to ease the pain.

Peace of mind for you, a legacy of love for your pet

Love Lives On with our Future Care Pledge

We understand how much your animals mean to you, after all, look how much we love ours!

Our pledge is that your ‘Love Lives On’ so that if the situation arises where you can no longer look after your pets, we can provide for their Future Care at one of our centres, where they will be cared for by our dedicated staff, until we can find them a new loving Forever Home.

How does the Love Lives On Future Care work?

We will send you an application form, we ask you to take care completing this, as it will have all the information about your pet, and your wishes in how they are looked after; so remember to give us as much information as possible please.

We also recommend that you mention the care of your pets in your will (we are happy to provide a suggestion for the wording), and let friends and family know of your intentions, that you have signed up to the Love Lives On future care service with Margaret Green Animal Rescue.

What to do next

Once you have registered with our Love Lives On service, please also leave an instruction in your will, to confirm your wishes.  Should something happen to you and you have made your wishes known, we will be contacted about your pets and will make arrangements to have them brought to one of our centres, so our staff can make them welcome and assess them based on the information you provide, whilst we start looking for a home that is perfect for them.

The heartache of saying goodbye to a dear friend can be very distressing, but knowing that your pet is going to a loving home can do much to ease the pain. 

We are happy to answer any of your questions, you can call Jenni Wilkinson on 01929 480474 or email

Helping us to be there when needed


future care