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Future Care 

Future Care 2020


What will I do about my own pets if anything happens to me?

Planning Future Care offers you peace of mind

It’s never easy to think about what happens when you pass away, but our Future Care service is there to give you peace of mind, and the comfort of knowing that your pets will be cared for following your wishes.

Peace of mind for you, a legacy of love for your pet

Our Pledge 

If the situation arises where you can no longer look after your pets, we can provide for their future care at one of our centres, where they will be cared for by our dedicated staff until we can find them a new forever home. 

The scheme is also available to those that are no longer able to care for their pets due to a long lasting illness, being treated for cancer or for those that have a lasting disability. 

We care for cats, dogs, farm animals and small furries.

Next steps 

Express your interest by downloading and filling in the form here and then return to us by post or email to legacyoflove@mgar.org.uk. Once we have received your completed form we will provide you with the relevant forms to sign up to the scheme. Instructions and information we need will be sent to you, please return the forms and we will then confirm that you have signed up to the Future Care scheme.

We also recommend that you mention the care of your pets in your Will. Let friends and family know your intentions and that you have signed up to Future at Margaret Green Animal Rescue. Our staff will be able to welcome your pet to the centre and provide the care they need, whilst we start looking for a home that is perfect for them.


When you leave instructions in your Will, to ensure that we are contacted and that your wishes are upheld, the wording we suggest you use is:

My Executors should contact Margaret Green Animal Rescue (registered charity number 1167990) Church Knowle, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 5NQ to arrange for the care of any pets that I may own at the time of my death.

For more information on remembering Margaret Green Animal Rescue in your Will and how it can make such a difference click here.