Calm Dogs, post Covid-19

21st May 2020

Will your dog cope home alone post Covid-19 Crisis?

Lee the greyhound

Dogs are very routine oriented and as a result of the Covid Crisis their routine changed, in that their owners were available to them 24/7. Dogs are very adept at forecasting what their day will consist of, and part of that day means they are normally sometimes home alone. To help your dog deal with this change it is important to try and replicate a home alone scenario, as when normality has returned they may not cope well and become anxious at your absence. This is known as Separation Anxiety (SA).

SA comes in the form of pacing, which promotes eliminating in the house, vocalising to call you back, scratching at doorways and windows in order to follow you, salivating with the stress and chewing something up to release your scent. All or any of these behaviours can occur.

Helpful Measures

paw orange Exercise your dog before you leave and give a stuffed KONG or lasting chew.

paw orange Make exits and entrances calm and matter of fact.

paw orange Leave an owner scented article in their bed, one that came out of the laundry basket is excellent.

paw orange Turn on the TV or radio to classical music to filter out outside noises, which could indicate your return.

paw orange Turn the phone off as they know you always answer it.

paw orange Go to another room or to the garden, a couple of times a day, leaving your dog on their own for periods of time.

paw orange Don’t let your dog become too clingy so, offer affection and games at your instigation, this will promote independence.


All these helpful measures will assist your dog to acclimatise to this new regime and when normal service is resumed he will be able to cope ‘Home Alone’ once more.