Animal Rescue

We are dedicated to changing their lives for the better

Our passionate Animal Rescue team is here to rescue and look after the many vulnerable animals who enter our 3 rehoming centres in Devon and Dorset.

Our staff are trained and experienced in animal welfare and make sure that every animal who arrives receives the best care possible.

From training to rehabilitation, veterinary treatment and exercise, our Animal Rescue team ensures that every animal has the food, comfort, shelter, enrichment and love they deserve, to get them back on their paws and on the journey to finding their forever homes.


Animal Rescue   Animal Rescue   Animal Rescue


The types of roles that sometimes become available in our Animal Rescue team, are:



Animal Rescue Carer

Senior Animal Rescue Carer

Deputy Manager

Centre Manager

Veterinary Nurse

If you are commited to animal welfare and ensuring every animal companion has a second chance at happiness, and are comfortable working in all weathers to make this possible, then this could be the career path for you!


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