Our Response to Announcement of XL Bully Legislation

2nd Nov 2023

On Tuesday 31st of October 2023, the Government announced that the American XL Bully type dog has been added to the list of banned breeds in England & Wales.


Our response:


Following the announcement, we will, of course, comply with all legislation. We are currently seeking clarification on implementation via local authorities and Police, with the latter assigned to make formal decisions as to identifying breed type, and the resources that will need to be put in place.


Does Margaret Green Animal Rescue take in XL Bullies?


  • We do not take these dogs into our care because there can often be a high degree of difficulty in finding appropriate home matches, when assessing all rehoming considerations, for this breed type.

  • We must take in dogs for whom we can offer the best possible care and welfare, in accordance with our limited resources and the facilities we have within our rehoming centres.

Why do dogs enter the care of Margaret Green Animal Rescue?


  • Dogs enter our care due to owners within the local community needing and / or choosing to hand over their dogs for rehoming.

  • We also have dogs brought to us by the Local Authority, in accordance with our stray dogs contract.

How does Margaret Green Animal Rescue identify which dogs they can accept?


  • In all circumstances, we use a utilitarian rescue and rehoming model that is based upon our limited resources, with a view to helping as many animals as possible. This requires us to employ a prioritised waiting list system for dogs needing to enter our care. Our limited resources mean that we are, sadly, unable to take all dogs offered to us. We regularly review our intake policy according to local conditions and resources available to us at any given time.

Are your rehoming centres always full?


  • The current and anticipated increasing number of dogs (across all breeds) needing our help due to the social effects of the pandemic and Cost Of Living mean we are already operating at 100% capacity.

What happens with XL Bully type dogs if they arrive with Margaret Green Animal Rescue as strays, both from the public and from the Local Authority?


  • We are unable to take these dogs into our care, but can offer advice and refer to the Local Authority.

  • We have an agreement, via contract with the Local Authority, to provide care for 7 days. At the end of the 7-day period, if the dog is not claimed by an owner, the dog is returned to the Local Authority.

For further advice and clarification about what this announcement means for owners of XL Bully type dogs, please click here.