Revamped Welcome Centre

21st Jan 2020

 21st January 2020 

We are starting the year of 2020 with a very exciting revamp of the Welcome Centre at our Church Knowle Rehoming and Visitor Centre which is just outside Wareham in Dorset.

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Not only has it had a dusting off and a lick of paint it will now be selling cat items such as scratching posts, toys, beds, cat litter trays and litter. Items will be available to purchase when rehoming a pet and in turn the money raised will go back into helping animals our centre. It also features a history timeline informing you about how the charity started and also ways to support, such as sponsoring an animal and ways to donate.

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When you visit the centre you are helping the charity to continue to care for animals like Smudge and William, two rather plump cats that needed to go on their January diets immediately when they came into rescue.



Smudge the 10 year old tabby and white cat weighed an enormous 8.3 kg when he first came into our care due to being overfed by his owner. He needed to be put on a low calorie diet which cut out treats completely. As he gradually lost weight he was able to exercise more and has recently found his forever home where he is continuing his weight loss journey.



William the 8 year old cat was a very unhealthy 7.5kg when he was brought to us and from his personalised fitness plan he is now down to 5.47kg which is fantastic but he still has a way to go. Overweight cats can develop heart problems due to the extra strain, it can also be extremely difficult for them to groom themselves which is a normal behaviour cats display so that they do not get too matted. 

Why not take a leaf out of Smudge and Williams’s book and get into fitness this 2020 by visiting the Church Knowle Centre to get some fresh air, get your steps in (1532 around the centre) and check out the new makeover of the Welcome Centre.

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Our Church Knowle centre is open seven days a week from 10am – 4pm, entry is free however donations are welcomed. We look forward to showing you our new Welcome Centre!