Otto needs your help please & Update

10th Aug 2018

Otto's Update 24/08/18 

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated towards Otto’s operation, through your generosity the cost has been covered.

We are pleased to send you an update from his owners:

“Otto is recovering really well, he's certainly smiling a lot more than before and trying to race around and play with his brother (though we are trying to stop that whilst he's recovering). We will be forever grateful for all the love and support shown by everyone. Otto can look forward to a fantastic life ahead chasing all the birds he likes!”

It’s wonderful news that Otto’s recovery is going well and shows how each and every donation helps towards the care and welfare of rescue animals.


Otto's Update 10/08/18 

Thank you so much to our incredible supporters for stepping in and supporting Otto’s surgery to remove an air gun pellet from close to his spine.

This lovely dog is now recovering following specialist veterinary care. The operation went well and Otto now needs time to heal from surgery and receive post-operative care. We will be writing another update soon but for now we must wait and wish him well.

Although our charity spends over £2,000 a week on veterinary care we do not often make individual appeals. A patient like Otto is an exceptional case and with your help, we are able to fulfil our promise to him and all the other animals in our care, that treatment cost will not stop them benefitting from the best care possible.

We are grateful for every donation large or small. Regardless of their circumstance, each pet will find a warm bed, a kind team and all the love and respect they deserve awaiting them at Margaret Green Animal Rescue. Our work is only possible because of your support. Thank you for helping us make this level of care possible.

If you still wish to donate to Otto’s care please click here. 

To read Otto's story see below: 

Otto X Ray

Otto was originally rescued in Spain where he had been shot at with an air gun, and three pellets were lodged in his spine and side. At the time Otto’s vet felt the pellets wouldn’t cause him any physical problems and the best option was to leave them be and allow his body to heal around them. His new owners brought him to England, until sadly they could no longer look after him and he came to MGAR.

When Otto came to us we were made aware of the pellets and the previous decision to leave them in place. Our own veterinary surgeon agreed, and we felt the best option for Otto was that he should be allowed to enjoy a normal life as quickly as possible. Otto went to his Forever Home in January 2016 and his new owners were made aware of his condition; as Insurance was not available we agreed to provide ongoing support should further related problems occur.

Otto settled in well into his new home, and quickly became a much-loved and active member of the family, but for this poor lad his troubles weren’t over. After about a year he suffered repeated abscesses which were painful and very restrictive to his movement.

Otto X Ray

Further X-rays were taken which showed the pellet in his spine was now causing a problem. Our Veterinary Surgeon has now confirmed that the only way forward, to prevent reoccurring infections, which make Otto’s life so miserable, is to operate to remove the pellet close to his spine.

Having this operation will mean so much to the quality of life for Otto who will be able to act like a normal dog again, having off lead exercise so he can run, something he hasn’t done since the infections started.

Due to the position of the pellet (clearly visible in the x-ray picture), Otto has been referred to a specialist and the cost of treatment has been confirmed at a discounted rate of £3900. This is a huge cost and we may then need to assist with post-operative support. This amount is the equivalent of our cost of care for more than 20 animals coming through our centre.

Can you please donate to help us pay for this complex but vital operation? Anything you can afford will go directly to help Otto with his operation and recovery.

Thank You