Give Hope to Animals

21st May 2020


We started 2020 with many exciting plans to develop the way in which we provide care for cats, dogs, horses and many other animals at our centres. The ever changing news of the pandemic is now putting these plans at risk.

We hope we can turn to you during this time of crisis. 

By making a donation today you can give animals like Daisy the hope all animals deserve.


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Daisy the 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier started showing concerning behaviours - body tremors and becoming very weak as soon as she came in. We immediately took her to the vets where it was found that she had abnormalities in her Pancreas. This explained why poor Daisy had been so tired, it was because she had been suffering from Hypoglycemia. Her diagnosis was, unfortunately, pointing towards an Insulinoma, which is a tumour in the Pancreas.

This sweet girl was deteriorating quickly and it was touch and go for a while, as Daisy may not have been a candidate for the surgery she needed to survive. She spent two nights at the veterinary practice to help her stabilise and as luck would have it she was able to have the surgery. We are sure you share our delight that the tumour within her pancreas was successfully removed. However, it was made clear that there could be complications with Daisy’s recovery as she was such a small weak girl. It was a huge relief when she defied all the odds and fought her way through recovery, being able to return to the centre. She is now a very happy girl who often pootles her way around the office, looking up at the staff with her big brown eyes as if to say ‘just one more cuddle’.

Daisy’s care at the vets cost £1,881.52 but was worth every penny.

You can make a difference today by making a donation here and when promoted for a comment use the reference 'Hope'

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If you can support us, we thank each and every one of you who gives us hope.


Just like Daisy, we were also able to help Brandy a 16 year old chestnut horse. When Brandy came into our care he was extremely nervous as he'd had no handling whatsoever. It has taken the staff two years to build up his confidence with people. He is still very nervous but can now be gently approached, can wear a head collar and go into a field shelter without panicking. Both of these actions seemed terrifying to Brandy when he first came in and a huge part of the work we do is to help animals like Brandy to recover and rebuild.

It has never been more apparent that we need you, our valued supporters. In the past, you have shown huge generosity in helping us by donating to fund specific operations, helped us when the weather extremes meant that natural food sources were no longer available, as well as helping with the purchase of items to help with the animals’ overall welfare so, we know we can count on you.

It has never been more apparent that we need our supporters.

We need your help.

An average cost for each cat and dog in our care is £1,000. We had planned to cover the costs of things like veterinary treatment, costing us £8,000 per year, through fundraising, such as our Grand Draw, which we are no longer able to run. You can help towards this by donating what you would have spent normally on draw tickets, every £1 truly helps.


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Many people turn to us when they can’t see any other option, we know that we are your local trusted animal charity and so we are turning to you at this difficult time in the hope that you can now help us to help rescue animals. We want to ensure that when we come ‘out the other side’ of the pandemic that we are still able to offer the same experience you have come to know and love at Margaret Green Animal Rescue.

Can you give rescue animals hope?

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please use the reference 'Hope'

Thank you