We're Rapidly Reaching Crisis Point

15th Nov 2023

Throughout this year, we have experienced a continual increase in the number of dogs who have arrived as unclaimed strays via the Local Authority. Even for those of us who have spent many years in animal welfare, the number of dogs we are meeting through these incredibly stressful circumstances is unprecedented.

In October, alone, we took in 35 new dogs – more than a dog for every day of the month. These poor dogs all arrived as lonely and frightened souls, who were desperate for some kindness.


Sage & Delilah

Sage, just one of the many desperate dogs we took in last month


The number of dogs being dumped is so high that, at our centre in Dorset, we are working to 100% capacity at all times from these dogs alone. This means we are unable to take in any dogs from owners needing to give up their companions in this area, despite receiving a record number of 300 calls from homes who need our help.

Many of these dogs require special veterinary treatment and improvements to their condition. Two such beautiful poppets, who were found wandering, are the incredible Sage & Delilah.


Sage & Delilah   Sage & Delilah   Sage & Delilah

Sage & Delilah, safe at last


Frightened of the scary world they found themselves alone in, these sweet Cocker Spaniels were taken straight to the vets the moment they were found. Elderly Sage was in such a bad state that everyone feared the very worst for her.

The vet carried out an emergency operation, just to give her a chance of life. This surgery would go on to repair a prolapse and remove a polyp protruding from her. Sage also had a molar tooth hanging from her mouth. We can’t begin to think about the pain and distress all of this caused for her.


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When Sage awoke from her operation, everyone was relieved she had made it through. But, she wasn’t out of the woods just yet. A second and a third surgery was necessary in order to remove multiple mammary masses, and a further dental was needed to treat her rotting teeth.


Sage & Delilah

Sage after one of her many surgeries


Although the younger Delilah was in better condition than her four-legged friend, both girls were too thin and had hard calluses on their legs, which suggest they had been sleeping on nothing but solid surfaces for a very long time. They had lice crawling on them from head to paw, ear infections, and Delilah was lactating, meaning she had recently had puppies. Where her vulnerable puppies are now – there’s simply no way for us to know.

We are relieved that both girls are getting back on their paws, and they will be going to their loving, new homes any day now. But Sage and Delilah are just the tip of the iceberg in this dumped dogs crisis.


Sage & Delilah   Sage & Delilah

Delilah & Sage getting back on their paws


With your vital support, we can continue to make positive changes for dogs who truly deserve so much better. By making a single donation, or setting up a regular donation, you will be directly improving the lives of these incredible souls, and setting them on a path to a snuggly bed and loving family.

Will you help us hold their paw and guide them to happiness?


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