Call Time On Cruelty

23rd Nov 2023
In pain. Frightened. Alone.

The moment she arrived, we saw her raw skin. Crimson and inflamed, she would have had no way of escaping the burning sensation and severe itching that engulfed her body. Where fur should have been protecting her precious skin, she was almost completely bald.


Call Time On Cruelty


It was clear that this poor, nameless girl had not received the care and attention she so desperately needed in order to keep her healthy. Found wandering, and distressingly thin, we had no way of knowing how long it had been since she had received food and the warmth and comfort of a safe spot to rest her tired body. This sweet soul was shut down and frightened.

Her gentle personality and amazingly forgiving nature began to shine from the first kind word she heard. We knew that her life was going to start improving, and we couldn’t wait to watch her bloom. In that moment, we knew what to call her...


Call Time On Cruelty

Poor Bloom on arrival


From rescue to recovery

We immediately made beautiful Bloom as comfortable as possible in her own kennel, and prepared a nutritious meal for her to enjoy. We spent time sitting quietly alongside her, hoping to show that people can be kind and trusted. To try and soothe her terrible skin issues, we treated her with medicated baths, gently massaging her aching body.

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With each new day, she managed to eat larger meals and, on seeing new fur growth, we knew she had started to recover from her ordeal. No longer hiding away from the world, we were delighted to discover that a real source of happiness for Bloom was pottering around our sensory garden.

With sunshine warming her body, we were relieved to know that she had reached the safety of our care, just in time to change her fate.


Call Time On Cruelty   Call Time On Cruelty   Call Time On Cruelty



Another poor poppet, who arrived with no name, no care and no love. Having birthed multiple litters, and made lots of money for her owner, her weary body was unable to continue producing the high price tag puppies that had made her worth keeping.

Her eye was enlarged & full of pressure, and her womb had detached and was bulging from her chest. Both problems were very distressing for her.

We quickly resolved these issues, and it was clear this transformational operation had provided muchneeded relief. It saddens us every time we meet an animal like Calypso, but we are proud of the positive difference we are making to their futures.


Call Time On Cruelty


Your donation will change their fate... forever

By donating today, you are directly participating in the rescue and rehabilitation of the next animal who escapes from cruelty and abandonment.

We promise to protect the animals who need us and, with your help, they will feel loved and wanted, and able to start living the happy lives they deserve.

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