Name: Tommy
Breed: Greyhound
Age: 4
Location: Dorset
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 54505
Bouncing into your life and your hearts, here’s Tommy.
Being an Ex racing greyhound Tommy has been quite sheltered when it comes to everyday life, he will need kind and understanding owners that can set him up with a day-to-day routine and can introduce him to all the luxuries that home life can offer.
Tommy has such a zest for life and a real jolly aura about him that he can’t help but make the team smile. He is always ready to greet us at the front of his kennel with such a waggy tail and a bounce in his step, looking forward to what ever adventures he will be going on that day.
Due to his Greyhound nature this boy is best kept onlead when enjoying the great outdoors, this will enable him to take in all the sites and smell whilst being safely at your side.
Tommy is always eager to lap up the affection from his care givers and loves to lean into you for your attention and ear scratches.
Due to Tommys kind nature we feel he would be happy to live with older children that are used to large bouncy dogs and other fellow sighthounds, he would be best suited to a home without cats and small furries.
He’s hoping there is a Greyhound shaped spot on your sofa ready for all the snuggles, he promises not to take up all the room.
You can find me in Dorset
Tel: 0330 400 6670 Email: