Name: Milo
Breed: Dalmatian X Collie
Age: 3
Location: Devon
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 54407
Introducing the rather handsome 3 year old Milo, who is a lively Dalmatian x Collie. Milo arrived into our care due to his previous owners finding it hard to meet his needs as he is so full of beans.

Milo has a real zest for life, whether that is his two legged or his canine pals, we have found him to be a social chap and is always eager to meet new friends. Milo likes to live life to the max and has been enjoying his time at the centre, in particular, he loves playtime with his four-legged friends in the field. However, when it comes to being in the home, Milo prefers to be able to have you all to himself, so is looking for a household without any other pets. Milo has been used to living with teenagers and could again.

Milo would be happiest in a home where his owners are as eager as he is to enjoy the outdoors, so he can have long countryside walks exploring all the new scents and sights around. We feel Milo would also excel as a canicross partner, as he just loves to be on the go and would help to keep him both physically and mentally stimulated, but be sure you can keep up with him as this boy likes to run.

If you are active and enjoy being outdoors, exploring new places and would like a new best friend to join you, then please get in contact so we can tell you how pawsome Milo is.
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