Name: Percy
Breed: Bull Terrier
Age: 2
Location: Devon
Gender: Male
MGAR Reference: 54319
Charming Percy is a handsome Bull Terrier x who is 2 years old. Percy arrived in our care very underweight, weighing only 22kg, he has been gradually putting weight on and is now already 25kg and he is feeling better for it.

Since arriving at the centre we have found that after x-rays, Percy has bilateral hip dysplasia, which is currently managed with yumove and pain relief when needed. Percy could live with older teenagers and adults and he is looking to have someone around for most of the day, where he can potter around and go on shorter walks as he is unable to keep up with an active family.

Percy has been enjoying making new doggy friends and has a few friends that he enjoys playing in the field with, although he can't always keep up with them. We feel he would be happiest living as the only pet so he can soak up all the attention for himself.
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