Charlotte & Dougal

Name: Charlotte & Dougal
Breed: Pig
Age: 5
Location: Dorset
Gender: Female
MGAR Reference: 50754
Charlotte and Dougal are both 3 years old and have been paired since they were very young. They came in due to their owner not having enough space to keep them. Charlotte is a very enquisitive and chatty pig and loves fuss and attention. Dougal can be shy to start with but soon warms up to people and also enjoys a fuss. They both love to take a dip in the wallow in summer and have zoomies around the paddock! They will require a draught free bedroom and a large paddock space to move around in.

If you are interested in rehoming us, please contact the team at Church Knowle who will answer any questions you may have.
You can find me in Dorset
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