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Save a Staffie: Your Stories


Mindy web

"We adopted Mindy from Margaret Green near Blandford as a young dog. I was specifically looking for a staff as they have been so demonised in the press, but all that I have ever known have been the soppiest dogs. I look after nature reserves for a Wildlife Trust and Mindy comes to work with me. She's so friendly to human and dog and a fantastic breed ambassador. I've attached some photos of Mindy with me and my boyfriend Simon. Best wishes, Ashley"





Maggie web"Maggie was a cruelty and starvation case adopted from the RSPCA a couple of years ago. She is now about three and a bit and when I first saw her she was frightened of men. Unfortunately I was told almost nothing of her background and I suspect that her previous owner had bred her to be aggressive. At the beginning she was more than a handful and although it never occurred to me to send her back I used to ask myself if I had done the right thing in getting her. I was looking to adopt one that was then about the age that she is now. With a lot of love and patience she has quietened considerably - loves humans but can still be a bit spirited with other dogs. All she asks is your constant attention for 48 hours a day 14 days a week! Intelligence wise she is as sharp as a knife.

Maggie is Staffie number 8. The first one and the only male was a Christmas present when I was eight. My parents got him because the breed was said to be good with children - and he was. Numbers one to five came from the breeders and we had two and three, and four and five together. We were told that you could not bring together two Staffie females from different litters. We Maggie web 2did it twice and both times it worked perfectly. When one ailing female died (naturally) her very fit companion only lasted a few more months. Number six was found wondering in a suburb of Leeds. She had obviously had a history (eg a broken leg that had not received the attention of a vet) but nothing was known of her origins. Number seven came complete with pedigree because her previous owner didn't want her any more.

All have had their own different characters but they have been loving and loyal companions. They get bad publicity because the press get hold of stories and only want to portray one angle.

After eight dogs and almost sixty years I wouldn't have any other breed. Richard."


Buddy web 2"18 months after loosing my German Shepherd, Luke, I fond myself at the RSPCA at Ashley Heath. Buddy came home a couple of weeks later. Buddy had had a bad start in life, and was in the RSPCA for 6 months before coming home. He had only been viewed by one other person in all that time. He is eager to please, very clever and easy to train.  His temperament is 100% sound.  The RSPCA had a few visits from people who had seen me with Buddy on a walk, they were so impressed they went to look for a dog themselves.

The bad press that staffies have is mostly unfounded, on more than one occasion badly behaved dogs have pestered and bitten Buddy, his reaction is to try and get away. Wouldn't be without Buddy now, he loves everyone and everything now.  He's even allowed on the bed - that's a first! We have had Buddy a year now and he is going on his first holiday with us in June. 

Hopefully, us staffie owners can change the way these lovely dogs are perceived. Best wishes, Sue"


Reggie web"After reading the article on 'Save a Staffie' in the recent newsletter, I thought I would write in to support this campaign. My partner and I visited Margaret Green in 2012 where we immediately fell in love with our now 5 year old Staffie, Reggie (was Norman). He has been the perfect dog for us since day one; a friendly, loyal and extremely loving dog. Last year we had a baby boy, Dexter. Lots of people asked us what we would do with Reggie, which of course our answer was absolutely nothing! Reggie is the perfect example of what wonderful family dogs Staffies are. Reggie and Dexter have been the best of friends since they first met. They take naps together, play together and cause mischief together, but mostly like having lots of kisses and cuddles. We don't know what we would do without our Reggie! Best wishes, Lauren"

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