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Save Sally - Success!

Save Sally: Appeal for help with a life-saving operation.



Sally travelled to Kenilworth for her operation.

It went brilliantly! Mike Martin, who carried out the procedure, was very happy with a successful PDA closure.

Sally stayed with us at Wingletang and received lots of TLC until we felt she was ready to go to her new home. She has now been successfully re-homed to new, loving owners where she can live the life she deserves.

We are absolutely delighted with the support we have received to help Sally.  She has a superb home now as she is living with vets Julie Vickers and David Jones, who are supporters of ours. We wish her the very best of luck in her new life and look forward to updates from Julie and David. We would like to thank everyone who made Sally’s new life possible.


Staff at Margaret Green Animal Rescue are appealing to the public to help give a dog a second chance at life.

Sally, an eight-month-old  Border Collie, arrived at our Wingletang Centre, near Tavistock, Devon, in November 2012. She was found straying on Dartmoor.

From the outset, staff found her to be a very confident, social girl who loves life. She was checked by Westmoor Vets in Tavistock, where it was discovered that she had a severe heart Murmur.

“We had to find out what had caused this heart murmur before we could rehome her, so a date was booked with Cardiologist ­Jo Harris of Heart Vets”, says Niki Ging, Centre Manager of Wingletang.   “Jo listened and scanned the heart and it was discovered that Sally had Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)”. This means that a blood vessel that connects the two main arteries of the body - the aorta and the pulmonary artery is not closed, and it should be.
With this blood vessel remaining open, extra volumes of blood flow into the lungs, causing difficulties for the lungs to function properly. This leads to heart failure”.

If untreated, about 60 per cent of affected dogs die within a year of diagnosis from congestive heart failure.

When caught early, and following treatment with successful closure of the PDA, most dogs live a normal life. Unless there are complications from other heart defects or heart failure has already developed, there is rarely any future need for medication.

“Sally will need an operation to correct this defect; otherwise there is no future for her. This fun, loving dog deserves a future”.

The operation could cost up to £4,000. If everything goes to plan, Sally will be back at the Centre  within 48 hrs.

“Of course, like any operation, it is not without risk” says Niki. “However, without it, Sally will almost certainly die. We will give Sally the operation she needs in order to live the life she deserves. Please help us by donating to her appeal”.

To help Sally, please call 01822 810 215 or visit www.justgiving.com/SaveSally