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Save a Staffie Campaign


Dorset’s oldest rescue launches the “Save a Staffie” campaign

The number of unwanted Staffordshire Bull Terriers is on the rise in Dorset and Margaret Green Animal Rescue is working to change perceptions of this often misunderstood breed.

Caron Lane, Margaret Green Animal Rescue’s General Manager, says:

“Sadly, the reputation of Staffies has been tarnished in recent years as they have been increasingly bred as status dogs.  They became the dog of choice for people wanting a fearsome-looking dog because they are usually stocky and powerful.

Before this though, they were traditionally known as “the nanny dog” because they are so good in a family environment and adore people. The vast majority of Staffies that come into rescue are affectionate, playful and delightful dogs that would make a wonderful addition to any loving and responsible family”.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue often has around 50 dogs looking for homes, around a quarter of which are Staffies.

“We hope that by raising awareness of the wonderful qualities that these dogs possess, we can help re-educate people to think again about adopting one as a pet. Any dog can be trained to be aggressive, it is time we help save Staffies in rescue when there are so many that are here through absolutely no fault of their own”.

Caron urges people to get involved in the campaign and there are a number of ways to do so:

To get involved in the campaign you can:

Spread the Word:  "Download our “Save a Staffie” poster here, put it in your window and ask your local shop to display it on their notice board. Please ask your friends to put one up too”.

Get Social: “Upload your happy staffie pictures and stories to the Margaret Green Animal Rescue Facebook page and share them with your friends on your own page”.

Be seen: “Buy and wear a “Save a Staffie” wristband for just £1.50 from the Church Knowle Animal Sanctuary and Visitor Centre, Lincoln Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre, near Bere Regis, or Wingletang Rescue and Re-homing Centre, near Tavistock in Devon.

Volunteer: “Staffies are highly intelligent and love to be around people. By volunteering to walk and spend time with Staffies and any dogs at our Centres, you will make a huge difference to their stay.”

Adopt: “Finally, if you are thinking of adopting a dog, please come along to one of our re-homing Centres and see how fantastic these dogs are for yourself”.