Finding Forever Homes

Emaciated lurchers find sanctuary at Margaret Green Animal Rescue

Ozzie is now ready to find his forever home

We have recently rescued two bull luchers that had been abandoned without adequate food, bedding or exercise.

Our staff were left shocked after seeing first-hand the neglect suffered by two lurchers. Now named Vinnie and Ozzie, the two dogs were both extremely underweight and were suffering from painful pressure sores which suggested they had been left without bedding or soft ground for a significant length of time. Their claws were so long that some had snapped off and both dogs were very underweight.

Following an initial health check, we found that these were the least of their problems as Vinnie also had a badly infected tail which needed amputating and Ozzie needed a poorly eye removing. Both of the dogs have been treated by a vet and are making a good recovery.

Helen Chittock, manager at Margaret Green’s Lincoln Farm Centre for rescue dogs, said: “It was shocking to see the state Vinnie and Ozzie were in when they arrived. Judging by their pressure sores, I would estimate they had been left without bedding and their muscle wastage suggests a serious lack of exercise.

They are both extremely friendly and will jump on us for cuddles as soon as we get close to them. Neither of the dogs knew what toys were or what to do with them which was really sad.”

Vinnie didnt know what toys were for when he arrived.Vinnie and Ozzie have begun a process of rehabilitation following their ordeal. Ozzie is now ready to find his forever home while Vinnie will stay a little longer to recover from the trauma he has suffered. Ozzie is 5 years old and could live with children aged 13 and over and another dog although he would prefer not to live with cats.

If you think you could give Ozzie a home, please contact Lincoln Farm on 01929 471340 or email


Thank you to volunteer Kim for the photographs of Ozzie and Vinnie.