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Precious: After her Surgery



We are so relieved to tell you that Precious has had her operation and her vets have told us that she is quite bright. During the procedure, Precious' vet was able to create much more space in her chest and correct the deformity she was born with.

Precious is now resting and she has a large cast protecting her. It's very heavy so she is struggling to move and is being fed by syringe at the moment.

We must stress that Precious is not out of the woods yet. She has a long journey ahead of her. Her body and her lungs especially must get used to the change and eventually she will need to have the splint removed.

We'd like to thank everyone who donated - you have literally saved this kitten's life. Any donations received over our target will go towards helping the other animals in our care.

We will post another update soon... thank you for your support.. x

Visit Precious' Just Giving Page here.