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Peter, Bert and Daisy: Read Their Story

The man who neglected three lurchers last year has been sentenced to 4 months in prison. 

In July 2015, staff at our Devon rescue centre took arrival of three extremely emaciated lurchers. Niki Ging, who manages the centre with Alan Ging, explains: “The dogs were in a horrendous state. They were all very skinny, especially Peter. It was one of the worst cases of pure neglect I have ever seen.”

Peter, Bert and Daisy were brought in from land belonging to Johnathon Champion and his partner Amanda Miles. Their condition was so extreme that we reported it to the RSPCA who began their investigation.

Bert and Daisy visiting the rescue centre on 15th April 2016 resizedNiki adds: “All three dogs were severely underweight and had clearly been suffering for a while. Peter was the worst, and was putting on an average of a kilo per week in those first few months. We fed them six meals a day as their stomachs were so small. Peter’s tail was also infected, to the point that it could not be saved by our vets, and he lost his tail from halfway down. The pain he must have been in doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Speaking about the result, Niki said: “We are glad it’s over. Champion has been sentenced to 4 months in prison and has a lifetime ban from keeping dogs. His partner too, will never be allowed to own dogs again. What those poor dogs went through was unbearable, it’s totally unforgivable.”

Despite having the odds stacked against them, Peter, Bert and Daisy all made full recoveries. They each found a new home and are now enjoying life with their new families.

Daisy on arrival 03.07.15

Daisy on arrival

Daisy just one month from arrival 01.08.15

Daisy one month after

Bert on arrival 03.07.15

Bert on arrival

Bert just one month from arrival 06.08.15

Bert one month after

Peter on arrival 03.07.15.

Peter on arrival

Peter just one month from arrival 06.08.15.

Peter one month after