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Rescue Dogs Receive Grant From Support Adoption for Pets

Our Lincoln Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre for Dogs has been awarded a grant of £15,240 from Support Adoption for Pets to enhance the lives and improve quality of life for the rescue dogs living there.

We applied for the grant earlier this year and requested funds to build a secure fence around the field. Following a visit from Support Adoption for Pets, we heard the news that we have been awarded the full amount to carry out the work.

Pumpkin and Lottie - LF - 10.11.15. (8)

Kate Cross, our Fundraising and Marketing Officer who applied for the grant, said: “We are all thrilled. The new fence is essential for securing our exercise field at Lincoln Farm. The money will also allow us to divide the field so that we can exercise more dogs at any one time.”

One of the dogs that will benefit from the new fencing is Pumpkin the terrier, who is currently waiting for his forever home. 

Helen Chittock, manager at our Lincoln Farm added: “At the moment we can’t let Pumpkin off-lead in the exercise paddock as he can easily escape. The hedges aren’t secure and we are close to a main road.

The new fencing will make a world of difference for Pumpkin and his friends here. He will be able to enjoy time off-lead while walking with his carers which will improve his socialisation and give him a better quality of life while he is in our care.”

Pumpkin and Lottie - LF - 10.11.15. (16)

On behalf of all our rescued dogs we’d like to say a huge thank you to Support Adoption for Pets. Without this grant, we would not have been able to carry out this work and our rescue dogs would not be able to enjoy as much time having fun off-lead with their carers and four-legged pals.