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Urgent Appeal for Cat and Kitten Food

Staff at Wingletang and Church Knowle have been kept extremely busy as a constant stream of unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens are brought into our care. Caring for so many animals, many of whom are nervous, underweight or poorly upon arrival is a huge task.

The kittens are being hand fed every 3 hours with a milk supplement and mashed meat (2)Last week staff at Wingletang took in four tiny kittens after their mother was killed in a road traffic accident. A member of the public who witnessed the accident took pity on the tiny kittens and brought them in. 

The kittens were in extremely poor condition. They were malnourished and very small, and just three weeks old. As their mother was a stray, they may have been living outside since they were born.

After an incredibly tough start in life, it is touch and go for these little kittens but we are doing all that we can to save them. 

Pumpkin Cobweb and MangoCaring for so many cats and kittens is a strain on our resources and our food stocks are dangerously low. If you would like to help, please consider donating either cat or kitten food to Wingletang or Church Knowle. A good brand of wet meat in jelly such as Whiskers or Felix is ideal. You can purchase the food online by visiting our Amazon Wishlist or alternatively, please drop off the food at one of our centres. Click for address details

Thank you for your support.