Finding Forever Homes

A Bunny is for Life, and not just for Easter

This Easter, we are urging members of the public to think very carefully before buying a rabbit as we struggle to cope with the number of bunnies needing our help.

Often rabbits are bought as presents at Christmas and Easter, but are soon looking for new homes as children loose interest or families move away. Owners often get the sex of their rabbits wrong as well which leads to unwanted pregnancies and unexpected litters of little mouths to feed.

In the last two weeks we have had to turn away 55 rabbits needing homes because we simply don’t have the space to take in any more. 

Kate Wickins, manager at Church Knowle said: “Rabbits make wonderful pets but they have very complex needs which must be considered carefully. Your rabbits will live to around 8-12 years old so it is essential you can provide for them for this time.

We would also recommend that you neuter any rabbits that you do have. Neutering not only prevents unwanted pregnancies, but it usually makes your rabbit happier and healthier too as it reduces the risk of disease.”

Nibbles news

Nibbles is just one of the rabbits to arrive recently at Church Knowle.

They might be adorable, but there are some very important things to consider when keeping rabbits. For example, rabbits need a large hutch and a run or exercise area where they can run, leap, dig, frolic and graze as well. A rabbit hutch should be roomy enough for all the rabbits to be able to lie down, stretch and hop three times across from one end to the other. Rabbits are also very social and hate to be left alone. They are happiest with another rabbit or in a group of rabbits. For more information about looking after rabbits, please click here. 

If you are serious about keeping rabbits, Margaret Green Animal Rescue would love to hear from you and would be happy to provide any advice or information. To get in touch, please call 01929 480474 or email ck@margaretgreenanimalrescue.org.uk.