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#SantaPaws Update

We'd like to extend a HUGE thank you to Support Adoption For Pets and Pets at Home for the opportunity to raise much needed funds for our animals this Winter during their December fundraising drive - Santa Paws. In recent weeks we have received cheques totalling an amazing £2,811.66!

Thank you to our super volunteers who gave up so much time to fundraise in store, and of course the staff and customers at Pets at Home Liskeard, Dorchester, Poole and Bournemouth. 

billy pre op

The donation will in part go towards paying for essential veterinary treatment for our rescue animals. Billy the stray Sprocker needed serious medical attention at our Wingletang centre in Devon. Billy was suffering with “Cherry Eye" a condition in which the gland of the third eyelid prolapses. Sadly, it may have been because of this that 10 month old Billy suddenly found himself homeless. It was clear that Billy would need corrective surgery and Westmoor Veterinary Hospital soon performed the operation. His surgery cost £360 and he was also neutered costing a further £75. The money raised has changed his life and Billy is now back in our care, safe and warm. Read the full story here. Fred enews

Fred the 12 year old Cob came to our Church Knowle centre in Dorset with 3 other riding school horses. Their owner sadly became seriously ill. Fred had not been ridden or handled for a long time prior to his arrival so has been slowly re introduced to ridden work and handling. He can now be ridden at walk, trot and canter and has just started to be ridden around the site here at Church Knowle. Fred is currently on treatment for Cushing's disease and is on one tablet a day - at a cost of £1.71 each day. The funds raised will go towards continued medication for Fred and the general cost of caring for our horses.

Special thanks to all our supporters at Pets at Home Liskeard, Dorchester, Poole and Bournemouth. 

PAH Cheque

Dorchester PAH Cheque