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You could be our ray of sunshine

As we all get ready for the Festive Season and winter is on us, you may find it hard to think back to that long hot summer, and a time when you never had to think about whether you needed to take a jumper out with you!

For us here at Margaret Green Animal Rescue (MGAR), the sunshine is etched into our memories as it hampered badly our ability to fund raise, which we are still trying to make back.  The weather was hard for our animals and we had to find additional feed for many of them as their grazing was unavailable, this meant we used up our straw and hay reserve, having to buy more, which of course was at a premium as everyone was after the same thing, and now is very difficult to source for the winter.

Our brilliant teams were very creative in finding ways to keep our animals cool and composed, but it all comes at a cost as you know, the biggest one being our (correct) decision to postpone our Family Fun Day & Novelty Dog Show, along with many other fund raising events we would normally attend.

This decision was taken on animal welfare grounds, and whilst we know we did the right thing, it was costly.

So, we turned our attention to our Country Fayre, but the weather did for us again, and we were devastated to have to cancel another major fundraising event at Church Knowle. The beautiful sunshine created a lose:lose situation for the charity, where everything cost more but we couldn’t go out and fundraise to help pay for it.  Then the wind and rain came and finished off the job.

Horse in Winter

You could help turn that around for us and become a ray of sunshine to see us through the dark winter months by donating here