Finding Forever Homes

You gave us hope, thank you

13th July 2020

Following on from our Summer newsletter and Hope appeal, we have some exciting and positive updates to share with you all, as well as saying a HUGE thank you to all our supporters

You gave us plenty of HOPE!

Our newsletter appeal centred around giving all our rescue animals 'Hope' as we found ourselves in unprecedented times, and the need to continue to support animals like Daisy, an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier who, on coming into rescue was found to have abnormalities in her Pancreas. Daisy needed surgery to survive, which she did and the really great news is that since the newsletter was printed Daisy has found her forever home and family.

Daisy 001  

Well done Daisy - we are thrilled for you! You can read Daisy's story in full here

That's not all ... we wanted to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who sent us donations for the Hope appeal. The response has been amazing and your generosity is overwhelming. In fact, the amount raised has far exceeded our expectations and is one of our largest supported appeals. We are proud and thrilled to announce that the amount raised for the rescue animals is over...


This really will really go a long way to helping us care for many rescue animals over the coming months and to give you an idea of how it will help, here are some examples:


Give Hope 002Hope Appeal 002  Hope appeal 003

The good news doesn't stop there....

A fairytale ending for Cinderella! 

Cinderella the four year old Greyhound was in rescue at Lincoln Farm Rescue and Rehoming centre for just over a year and we featured her in the newsletter to raise awareness and hopefully find her the 'perfect fit' forever home. This sweet girl with a playful personality kept being overlooked by potential rehomers and we just couldn't understand why. So, we are sure you will all share in our delight, and belief that fairytale wishes do come true, as we are pleased to announce that Cinderella has found her forever home and has settled in well to family life. A truly happy ending fit for a princess!  


Cinderella 001   Cinderella 002


Archie's Antics 

Archie the Shetland Pony was delighted to show off his new fly rug, however, he got up to some mischief and managed to rip it. His antics of rolling around rather enthusiastically, which caused the damage meant that we had to raise funds to buy him another. Thanks again to your generosity we managed to get him kitted out in a nice new rug. Doesn't he look dapper! Let's hope this one lasts a little longer! 

Archie in his Fly rug


Settled Suzie 

Suzie Front Cover 


We were delighted to receive this gorgeous photo of Suzie who was our cover star of the newsletter looking very settled in her forever home. Her owner Jackie, told us that Suzie had indeed settled in really well, loves the garden, spending her days outside enjoying her surroundings and is also something of poser for the camera! 

 Weather Winners

As a result of telling you about the Weather Lottery and how playing can help our rescue animals, as well as giving you the chance to win a whopping £25,000 we are pleased to announce that we have had new sign ups in the last month and have also had some winners too! By playing the Weather Lottery you can be sure that your entry is going direct to us. When you join, and it's just £1 a week to play, you'll be given a unique 6 digit number for each entry. The lotttery results are then based on temperatures from around the globe, which are published in the Daily Mail newspaper each week. If your numbers match in the right order, you will win the jackpot of £25,000! 

Example Numbers

To find out more and sign up today follow this link and you never know you could be the next jackpot winner! 


Achieving positive results like these really does warm our hearts and makes everything we do so worthwhile as we continue to care for over 1,200 animals a year across our centres - thank you for your continued support.

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