Finding Forever Homes

Wishing on a star

To help our rescue animals’ wishes come true we’ve set up some Wish Lists on Amazon so that you can buy them things they really need and have them delivered direct to our centres.

Wishing on a star

Our cats and dogs need items like, food, toys and cat litter, whereas our farm animals wish for fly repellent spray and ball feeders. There are also things to help us look after the animals such as disposable gloves and cleaning sprays.

Your help by buying things from the Amazon Wish Lists really does make a difference and is a great way to show your support.

So, if you can help please check out the following links and help make our animals’ wishes come true…

You can order items from any list, please bear in mind that the list you order from is the centre that the items will be delivered to.

You’re a Star - Thank You!

Wishing on a star

Donna Vincent