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When Superstition can get in the way of the perfect Forever Home

When Superstition can get in the way of the perfect Forever Home

Did you know that Black cats are the hardest to rehome?  It isn’t anything that they are doing, and it really is just their colour.

We just love the personalities of all our cats, and cannot understand why, even with some of our kittens, they stay with us for longer just because they have a black coat. 

Could it be superstition? Are black cats unlucky?  Well not according to the Scots who believe that a black cat’s arrival signifies prosperity.  In both Britain and Japan black cats are considered good luck, here in the UK a black cat crossing your path is a good omen.  And one for those single ladies, it is believed that a lady who owns a black cat will have many suitors!

If sailors had a cat on board they would want it to be black to bring good luck and many wives of fisherman and sailors had a black cat in the hope they would be able to protect their husbands at sea.  Ancient Egyptians believed black cats meant they gained favour with the Cat Goddess Bastet. 

So it can’t be superstition, not when they have such a positive way about them over the years.

We’ve come up with  5 super daft reasons why having a black cat in your life is a great idea, because we know it to be true whatever their colour – see what you think, can you add any more:

  1. Black is really slimming, so whenever you are with your cat, you know you will look your best.
  2. Visitors will always be impressed, dirt is camouflaged, and they will go with any décor
  3. You can give them really fabulous names, like Midnight or Jet or maybe even Raven.
  4. They always look regal and sophisticated, they just can’t help it, and you can bask in their greatness.
  5. They will never clash with anything you are wearing, black coats will never go out of style.

But let’s get serious for a moment, the best reason to have a black cat, is because they are just like any other cat. Fun, playful, precocious, lovable, basically unique in their own special way, and what is not to love about that.

We need some help spreading the word that black cats need love to, and just as importantly they need happy Forever Homes to call their own.

Sammy       Harry     Barbara   

           Sammy                                           Harry                                             Barbara

 Fox     Fergus       Lola   

                   Fox                                            Fergus                                              Lola

 May     Ollie

                      May                                            Ollie


Niki Ging, joint Centre Manager at our Wingletang Rescue and Rehoming Centre near Tavistock just can't understand why these lovely cats don't find their Forever Homes more quickly, "Black cats always stay with us longer than any other cat colour, we just don't understand it; they are individuals with their own personalities just like all cats, we hear wonderful stories about the great pets they make".

Kate Wickins Centre Manager at Church Knowle Rehoming and Visitor Centre echoed Niki's comments and added, "We have some really lovely black cats at both centres, I would ask anyone who wouldn’t normally consider re homing a black cat to come and spend some time with one of them to discover their wonderful personalities before making their final decision".


Please share our story, and we would love to hear from you and your black cat


Twinkle will start us off with a Happy Forever Home story, with thanks to Lisa for sharing:

A quick update on Twinkle 
She has settled in so beautifully!! Happy home, with so much to do. She ventures out often to explore the fields, sleeps on the beds, stretched out with lots of cuddles.
She and our other cat have made great friends and play through the night 
We are so happy with our new little girl, she's beautiful!
Thank you x

Twinkle 1