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Waggy Weight Watchers

31st October 2019


Obesity in dogs can cause a variety of health problems and one of the most predominant consequence of this is reduced mobility and joint pain, arthritis and even soft tissue injuries.


Two unrelated Terrier type dogs who came into our Lincoln Farm Centre in Dorset, Susie and Cassie were both overweight and struggling to move around easily. They weighed in at over twice their recommended body weight of around 6.5kg.


Susie and Cassie


Both girls were quickly signed up to 'Waggy Weight Watchers' at Lincoln Farm! They were both put on strict ‘light’ diets with only the occasional healthy treat and day by day they managed to walk a little further. Susie and Cassie attended weekly weigh-ins to monitor their weight loss with Susie receiving regular pain relief as the effect of carrying around extra weight for so long has caused her to slip, leading to injury, which in turn as reduced her mobility further.


Both of these elderly girls have a long road ahead of them to get down to having a slim waistline but they are enjoying their regular exercise and play sessions with rewards of cuddles and a tiny treat for their achievements.


As this story shows the phrase ‘a little treat won’t hurt’ really can lead to long term issues and pain for your dog so, remember to use healthy treats wherever possible and be mindful of the number of treats given.