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Sudden Loss of Precious


It is with huge sadness that we must tell you that Precious the kitten sadly lost her battle last week and passed away peacefully in the arms of our staff.

Precious was born into our care after her mother was given up by her owners. Although her sisters were healthy, Precious could not keep up with them and was diagnosed with Pectus excavatum, a deformity caused when the central chest bone and ribs grow in an unnatural way, creating a significant indentation in the chest.

Precious underwent major surgery to maximise the space available in her chest cavity. The surgery went well and we had a wonderful few weeks with Precious as she demanded constant attention and cuddles.

It was soon the start of a New Year but sadly our hopes for Precious began to fade as we saw her lungs begin to struggle. Our wonderful vets did everything they could but much too soon we were facing our last resort. Our hopes lay in a drug that sadly only made a difference for 24 hours.

It was with heavy hearts that we made the decision to let little Precious rest in peace after she put up such a brave fight. One tiny kitten has left a huge hole but for her short life, Precious knew only love, from her carers, her vets and all our wonderful supporters who gave so generously to help her.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Rest in peace Precious girl xx