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Save a Staffie: Your Stories - Take 2!


"Goodness, where do I start! We rehomed our Kelly four years ago from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. When I used to be in the area I would visit the home to see what breeds are looking for a home. I was taken aback to see the kennels full of Staffies. After a few visits and research in to the breed my partner and I decided to rehome a Staffie. We fell in love with this beautiful brindle and white girl and took her home. On the way to the station a cab driver sounded the horn and with a big smile gave us the thumbs up.

Kelly settled into our home straight away, but on walks she used to get overwhelmed and scared of the surroundings. We knew then that all of us would benefit from dog training classes to learn some dog life skills. Kelly gained a good citizen bronze medal from the Kennel Club. We where all well chuffed! And it even got better, our dog training class ended up in Discovery Dogs at Earls Court to demonstrate what a good canine citizen is.

Kelly1It is such a joy to have Kelly. She loves to go out to the park to have a ball game. She often puts a smile on passers by with her antics. People come up to us and Kelly gets a lot of praise and we get a lot of positive feed back and understanding that it is not the breed fault how it behaves but the owners. 

Kelly is five years old now and there is not one day she doesn't put a smile on our face. For us it's wonderful to see her happy and content. Since Kelly is with us we spend fantastic holidays in Dorset and have fun on her (and ours) favourite place Studland beach.

We are so proud having Kelly, and if anyone would ask us which breed of dog we would recommend to rehome, I think you  know the answer. Ursula."


Ty Dog show 008

"We took TYSON from Wingletang on New Years Day 2013 as a six year old whose previous  owner had passed away, hence him spending over 6 months with the fabulous staff of the Rescue Centre along with 2 other Staffies that no-one was prepared to take on, undoubtedly due to the breeds often totally inaccurate reputation.

TY has been an absolute treasure, my best mate and therapy when I was very ill at the time that we took him home with us, very obedient [he has done his original owner proud] and everyone that he meets friend. He just loves people ­ may have those ferocious looking teeth in line with the breed but genuinely would not harm a fly. We have so many fond memories over the 2 and a half years he has been with us where his timid, baby like attributes have been extremely evident.

We would say to anyone thinking about homing a Staffie, go on do it ­ you will probably be pleasantly surprised. Tony & Jan."

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