Finding Forever Homes

Reach for the sky


Woody and his friend Bruno

                  Woody and his friend Bruno

Reach for the Sky

Meet Woody, a Shar Pei cross with  a Birthday on the 2nd September and the best possible present for him would be his very own Forever Home.


Woody came to us at Margaret Green Animal Rescue (MGAR), in January 2017 when his previous owners circumstances changed and he was being left on his own too long.  Woody has now been at our Wingletang Rescue and Rehoming Centre for more than 200 days, when you meet him it is difficult to understand why he hasn’t been snapped up.

A big favourite with the staff and volunteers at MGAR, we took the decision see if we could reach out to supporters to help share the story of Woody and find him his very own family.

Niki Ging, joint Centre Manager at Wingletang said, “It’s hard to understand why Woody is still with us, he is such a lovely boy”.  Using Toy Story references we have been encouraging supporters to share their Woody posts in the hope the perfect home will be found.  Alan Ging, joint Centre Manager said “Everyone loves the Toy Story films, and we are hoping that our Woody can find his happy ending, and a favourite Deputy all of his own to spend time with.”

As Niki says, “Is it really reaching for the sky to want your very own Forever Home, it would be amazing if we could give Woody the best birthday present ever!”

If you think you could give Woody that happy ending, call the Wingletang Rescue and Rehoming Centre on 01822 810215 or email