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You fundraising a Pony

Helps us to raise a Barn for our Ponies

That’s right just £25 (or a Pony*) can help us build a Barn for our farm animals.

*A Pony is Cockney Rhyming Slang for £25

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The rescue and rehoming of Field Animals, particularly horses, has been on the increase over the last 3 – 5 years, Church Knowle is well placed to take additional Farm Animals, the centre is situated on 35 acres, but it does not have a large enough (or suitable) barn or additional stabling.  The current covered yard only has 4 stables, and in addition has wind and rain cover issues due to the breezeblock walls and asbestos roofing, and is not suitable for our larger animals due to the low ceiling height.  Surrounding the covered yard are 4 small enclosures, with 2 old and dilapidated shelters, which are no longer fit for sustained use.

To give our horses and  ponies the best possible chance to be rehomed they need to be introduced to daily life and the noises and activity that go hand in hand with that, but even before we get to that stage we need a dedicated isolation area that is undercover and fit for purpose.

Currently, we often can only start to introduce the horses to their new surroundings through field placement, and gradually bring them closer to the yard, this has resource implications, in addition to not being ideal for them, and will mean that the process takes longer.

The lack of a Barn stabling area is restricting the amount of horses and farm animals we could be rescuing and rehoming.  We have 16 equines at the centre at the moment, and only 6 stables.  Any of our horses may need stabling at short notice should they become sick or injured or due to adverse weather and a new barn would resolve this and many other issues should an emergency arise.

In short, a new barn would improve the lives, not just for our horses, but for many of our animals at Church Knowle.

Can you help ?

We’ve set a target towards the Barn we think you could help us achieve, it would take just 200 people raising £25 each to get to £5000, and if you would like to know how you could help us raise even more, or have some great ideas for us – we would love to hear from you  - the overall total we need to raise is £150,000