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Oscar & Olivia Update - June 2019

Since arriving at Church Knowle Rehoming and Visitor Centre in March 2019, Oscar and Olivia have settled in, are eating well and enjoying life. As they both have limited teeth they are also given 'ready grass' as this is easier for them to manage and provides them with another food source. They are now enjoying a better quality of life, are content and making the most of their senior years. 

Oscar 005

Oscar enjoying his activity feeder.


oscar and Olivia 006

Oscar and Olivia getting some enrichment from broughs.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated through our Summer 2019 Newsletter appeal to help animalis like Oscar and Olivia, we really do appreciate your support and so do our animals.You can still donate towards the care of rescue animals like Oscar and Olivia, just click here and remember to fill in the comment box with ' helping rescue animals like Oscar and Olivia' - thank you. 

Oscar & Oliva's story 

Oscar and Olivia (two best buddies) arrived at Church Knowle Rehoming and Visitor Centre in a terrible state. They were found by an RSPCA inspector in horrendous conditions, they had no bedding instead resting in mud up to their knees and no access to water.

Olivia 001


Oscar 002

We were so pleased to offer help for them and fear what could have happened if we were not in a position to rescue them. Oscar was in a particularly bad way as he was suffering from malnutrition and it was one of the worst cases we had seen in a goat. He also had terribly overgrown hooves and old rib fractures. We ran blood tests on Oscar to ensure that the malnutrition had not caused issues with his kidney function as these conditions can be linked and thankfully they came back normal. Particular care was focused on Oscar’s hooves as they were so overgrown and they were causing him real difficulty in standing, something no animal should have to deal with.

Oscar 004

Oscar has made huge progress from regular feet trimming which has had to be done in stages. The team will continue the treatment and he is feeling much happier in himself now that he can put full weight on his hooves. Olivia has been very bloated and we believe this is a result of being on a poor diet. If that wasn’t enough Oscar and Oliva also needed treatment for parasites and needed a well-deserved bubble bath!

Oscar and Olivia 003

With the goats being in such poor condition and without teeth we are unable to determine an accurate age but believe they are both fairly old. Now that they are getting the care they need and on the right diet, both goats are well on their way to better health and feeling so much better than when they came in. They have shiny coats and are bright and alert, which is so lovely to see. It is a slow journey to build Oscar’s weight back up but he has gained around 1lb per week since his time with us.

A donation from you means we are able to continue the care we provide for our rescue animals at our centres.
On average it costs us nearly £1,000 per month on veterinary fees for just the Horses and Farm Animals like Oscar and Olivia and a staggering £10,000 per month across all our centres. Any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated.

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