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Meet the Spice Hounds

Spice Hounds

Spice up your life

Playful Spice, Lady Spice, Chilled Spice, Zesty Spice, and Happy Spice, this group of Super Friendly Greyhounds are looking for a new career since they retired from racing, although they are not into the pop scene so much as looking for their very own Happy Forever Home.

Like Black Cats, Black Dogs can be a little harder to place, (I know, we don’t get it either), but we are sure that once you have met these charming and individual characters that just won’t be a problem, and you will be able to find a place in your heart and home for them.

Sighthounds are such brilliant companions, each one with their own character and personality, and this Fab Five are absolutely no different.


Meet Playful Spice – Buzz

Buzz (1)Buzz (2)

Buzz is incredibly playful, he can often be seen launching his toys around and having a whale of a time.  A Champion puzzle toy solver, this boy does love his food.  He also loves, or rather  adores, spending time with people, and enjoys nothing more than a snuggly duvet or a comfortable sofa for his home comforts


Meet Lady Spice – Lizzie

Lizzie (1)Lizzie (2)

Lizzie is the lady of the group, she has a very sweet and affectionate nature and takes every opportunity to steal a cuddle or two.  A real lady, she has two very distinct sides to her nature, she has bursts of energy, but is just as happy lounging around watching the world go by.  It’s a woman’s prerogative to change their mind allegedly, and we say, why not Lizzie.


Meet Chilled Spice – Chief

Chief (1)Chief (2)

Incredibly laid back, Chief enjoys the finer things in life.  A quiet and warm place to snuggle up and watch the world go by are his idea of heaven.

Chief is partially sighted in one eye, but he doesn’t let this hold him back from his day to day fun, and he is a very happy boy who is looking to be pampered by his new family.


 Meet Zesty Spice – Chilli

Chilli (1)Chilli (2)

Chilli is a fun boy who is full of energy and happiness, he's looking for an active lifestyle with a special family who are always on the go too.

Allways pleased to see you, Chilli loves to greet everyone like a long lost friend with his boundless energy.  We think Chilli is going to be the perfect dog for a special Forever Home who love the outdoor life.


Meet Happy Spice – Tommy

Tommy (1)Tommy (2)

With his bubbly personality and great enthusiasm for life Tommy is such a happy dog who makes friends wherever he goes.  He is at his happiest when it is time for Walkies, and gets very excited when he sees his lead being picked up as he knows he is about to go out and about to have lots of happy fun.


If you think you could find one of our Fab Five their Happy Forever Home, please click here to find out more, and please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you

The Spice Hounds are waiting -           Viva Forever Homes