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The Big Shave For Rescue

22nd January 2021

Martin who works at Westmoor Veterinary Hospital in Tavistock has decided to go for the BIG shave!
 During lockdown, he grew his beard and wants to now raise money for rescue animals by shaving it all off. 

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Here is Martin's story:  

Hello, I am Martin and I work at Westmoor Veterinary Hospital in Tavistock, Devon. I currently have a beard which has been dubbed the lockdown beard I intend to shave it off to raise funds for the rescue animals at Margaret Green Animal Rescue. It all started in May 2019, I was not allowed a beard during my marriage which has come to an end, so, I decided to grow it until my divorce was settled, then along came COVID! 

I have now been growing my beard for the best part of 20 months but it is time for it to go. I have chosen Margaret Green Animal Rescue as my charity because of the fantastic work they do and they are a charity close to my heart because I got my first dog from them 20 years ago. Lockdown has been hard for us all and there are many good causes requiring our help at this time, but animals still need our help too. This is my chance to raise some money for our friends in need.

The deed will be done on Friday 26th February in the veterinary surgery and in memory of Mr Alan Ging.

If you can donate £2, £5 or £10 towards his £500 it will be very much appreciated.