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Help for NHS Frontline Workers

3rd April 2020 

We want to support animals and people during this unusual time. 

The Corona virus crisis has meant we've had to make significant changes to our set-up, which has included closing our centres, postponing events, closing our boarding facilities, suspending rehoming and only taking animals into rescue that are confirmed as emergency welfare cases. As a result of these closures some 150 rescue animals remain in care across the three centres in Dorset and Devon and are being looked after by a combination of staff living on site and others who are still able to travel to work. 
We naturally want to do all we can to help in these difficult times, and so with a large number of empty boarding units available we are offering assistance to temporarily board animals belonging to frontline NHS workers who become hospitalised by the Virus and who are unable to call on family or friends to provide care for them. We want to offer this service free of charge to those in the frontline of this crisis. It is also being made available to serving police staff and frontline Dorset and BCP Council Social Services care workers too.

Support is one of our core values and this applies year round and so, providing the facility to those who may need it is very important to us.

If you or someone you know needs our support please get in touch with the relevant centre:


Church Knowle Rehoming and Visitor Centre for cats, farm and small animals - 01929 480474

Lincoln Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre for dogs - 01929 471340


Wingletang Rescue and Rehoming Centre for cats & dogs  - 01822 810215

Cute Kitten

Above all please stay safe everyone!