Finding Forever Homes

Larkin to the Rescue! Local Business Supports Animals in Need

After finding out that the doors in the cattery needed serious attention, Larkin Apple were quick to act and spent three days at our Church Knowle Sanctuary fixing the doors and making sure they were as good as new!

Larkin Apple carried out 3 days400Their work especially benefitted our rescue cats who are patiently waiting to meet their prospective new owners. While the cattery cannot be compared to a loving home, we do make sure that the rescue cats are as comfortable as possible during their stay.

Each cat pen has an indoor section with different levels where cats can curl up in a cosy bed, play or have cuddles from the staff and volunteers. They also have their own individual outside area where they can observe day to day life at the sanctuary.

With pens for over 60 cats at Church Knowle, maintenance is always an issue. Kate Wickins, manager at Church Knowle, explains: “With so many animals to care for, raising funds for maintenance is always hard which is why we are so grateful to Larkin Apple for giving up so much time to help our animals.”

Nigel Edmonds 400Andrew Summerfield of Larkin Apple adds: “We have always supported the work of Margaret Green Animal Rescue and were only too pleased to help fix their doors and windows at Church Knowle. It was great to spend some time with the staff and animals at the sanctuary, knowing that we were helping improve their quality of life while they are waiting for their new home.”