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King Arthur shares tales of around the Stables

We will be bringing you regular updates, on what is happening, and how the very generous donations you make are being put to good use.

If you have visited our Church Knowle Visitor and Rehoming Centre, you will have seen the very regal King Arthur grazing on the field near the car park.

King Arthur around his stable

King Arthur surveying his kingdom

If you are a regular visitor, you may have noticed his absence recently, well the brave old Gentleman was intermittently lame and a visit from our vet found that Arthur (we know him so well), had an abscess in his hoof.  It needed to be opened up, and allowed to drain, which made him much more comfortable.

He had to have his foot bandaged with a poultice daily, to draw out the infection inside the abscess, he is now comfortable and walking normally, but has been in the stable all the time (he would much rather be out surveying his kingdom), because it was just too muddy on the field, and he needed to be on hard standing.

He is hoping to be back out and about really soon.


Bread being a brave boy at the Dentists

Bread is the little pony in with Harvey, near the Love Locks, he and Lucy, a rather lovely Chestnut mare, have both been to the dentist this week.  Well, with horses the dentist comes to them, but you know what we mean.

Lucy with Lucy

Lucy with Lucy

They had their teeth rasped, and that gave Stacey and Lucy (not the horse, but one of our fabulous animal welfare workers this time), the opportunity to feel inside their mouths before and after the dental work, which is invaluable experience for them.

Stacey with Lucy

Stacey checking Lucy's teeth

All of our horses at MGAR have their teeth checked by the vet once a year, but sometimes, (just like us), if they do not have good confirmation, or are prone to dental issues, they are done every 6 months.  The horses are given a light sedation, then the vet can assess the mouth and if necessary file the teeth to remove any sharp points which can cause pain and problems with eating.

Each month our vet bills total over £10,000, we do not receive any government funding and rely heavily on your very generous support, 100% of the money raised by you goes towards the care and welfare of our animals.

Look out for our next update, coming soon